Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Tuesday, October 23rd daily #astrology forecast

Moon in big minded Aquarius all day. Moon trines Jupiter, 4 06 am, we are optimistic early this morning. Solutions seem within our grasp. Sun trines Neptune, 6 15 am and all day; this will make us want to have a very peaceful day. You will have been feeling this since yesterday. This is good for imaginative work, writing, and downloading photos on pinterest all day. Moon squares Mercury, 8 27 pm; we are trying to make up for what we didn’t get done earlier today and get ready for tomorrow. We may feel a bit scattered. Moon is void after this time. Escape to some sci-fi or fantasy and worry about things tomorrow.

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Tuesday, October 16th daily #astrology forecast

Moon in exploring and questioning Scorpio all day. The energies are positive and strong day. Get good use of them today. Moon sextiles Pluto at 6 38 am; we are planning our day as soon as we wake up. We will want to understand things at the core level. Mercury sextile Venus at 7 32 am; this aspect is in affect all day. We are doing well communicating about our needs today and looking for ways to get those needs met. This is a good day for business, romance, friendship and closing the deal. Venus square Jupiter at 6 34 pm; good time for business, introducing new idea, romance, or too much dessert. People are more receptive. Moon sextiles Venus at 9 16 pm; the perfect evening to be with your partner or potential partner. Good for business negotiation as well. Moon sextiles Mercury at 9 23 pm; our brain is working well as we evaluate the day and determine what will be our next move! Moon is void-of-course as the evening comes to a close.

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Saturday, October 13 daily #astrology forecast

Moon is Void in Virgo all day until 6 0 2 pm when the Moon Enters Libra. There are no exact Lunar aspects today. The day is rudderless. Let your heart lead the way.


Did you miss Thursdays radio show? Here’s the link to the archives…enjoy!

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Friday, October 12th daily #astrology forecast

Moon is in reliable Virgo all day. Moon sextiles Mercury at 8 23 am, all our parts are working this morning as we get our day underway. Great time for planning or organizing, especially events that involve the family or women. Moon conjuncts Venus at 9 36 am; take time to enjoy and appreciate where you are. Good time to talk about relationships or negotiations. We want to be fair. Moon square Jupiter at 6 48 pm; great time to be social, change your routines, or just over indulge yourself with one of your favorites.

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Thursday, October 11th daily #astrology forecast

Moon is void in Leo as the day begins. Keep your expectation realistic. Moon enters obsessive compulsive Virgo at 2 23 pm. Just when we think we are getting going, Moon opposes Neptune, 3 29 pm; great time for yoga, visiting your guru, daily prayers or another round of Margaritas. Moon sextiles Saturn, 3 39 pm, we feel the urge to be practical and busy, but it passes soon. Moon squares Mars, 8 36 pm; we finally have some energy for the day. Watch over reacting and avoid drama and fights unless that is what you are looking for. Time to get physical!

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Wednesday, October 10th daily #astrology forecast

Moon in loving Leo all day. Mercury sextiles Pluto, 2 31 am, great day for analysis, looking for hidden answers or getting to the bottom and solution for things all day. Moon sextiles Jupiter, 1 36 pm, after lunch, we are ready to get back to work. We are feeling productive and upbeat. Moon sextiles Sun, 4 40 pm; our ego and our heart are working well together. We are pulling our wagon in the right direction. Saturn trines Neptune, 9 42 pm; a time when reality and dreams can find common ground. We expect more from our faith. 

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Tuesday, October 9th daily #astrology forecast

Moon in lively Leo as the morning begins. The day is highly energized all day. Sun trine Jupiter, 12 52 am, good day for almost anything. And plenty of energy to keep you going. Venus trines Pluto, 3 03 am, we are thinking about what we really want and what we really like. The BS factor is very low. Moon squares Saturn, 7 45 am; take extra time to get ready this morning and be gentle with yourself. Watch your criticism or you and others! Moon trines Mars, 10 18 am; we are ready to take on any project this morning. Moon tines Uranus, 6 34 pm; we are thinking outside the box this evening. Good time for new ideas or plans. Moon square Mercury, 7 36 pm; we are very analytical and maybe even over doing it. 

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Monday, October 8th daily #astrology forecast

Moon is in touch emotionally powerful Cancer as the day begins. Moon squares Sun, 2 33 am, good night for emotionally symbolic dreaming. Moon is void the whole day. Let your emotions be your guide. 

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Sunday, October 7th daily #astrology forecast

Moon in homey Cancer all day. Moon sextiles Venus, 5 29 am; great morning for lounging in bed or an early breakfast with close friends. Moon squares Uranus, 8 15 am; we need a change of scenery or activity. We are restless. Moon opposes Pluto, 9 55 am, clearing out the old, bad, negative emotions, so there can be a place for the new healthy ones. Mars squares Neptune, 10 12 pm, effective all day; Our energy and timing is off. Make the evening a time where you can relax. 

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Saturday, October 6th daily #astrology forecast

We start the day with Moon in Gemini, void of course. We may want to be focused, but it will difficult. Moon enters Cancer, 7 45 pm; we are looking for that place we call “home”. Moon trines Saturn, 8 02 pm; good evening for business or serious discussions with positive endings. Moon trines Neptune, 9 09 pm, time to party and get away from the grind! Mars enters Sagittarius for the next 45 days at 10 21 PM. We have the urge to explore new areas of our life. 

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