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Lilly Roddy’s Holiday #Astrology Lecture Series for 2013

on November 29, 2013
Every year I do a series of lectures during the holidays instead of a series of classes. These lectures are aimed at a more general audience, so no knowledge of astrology is necessary. This way, if you have a break in your busy holiday schedule, you can attend and get your astrology head’s up for the coming year. This year’s series is designed to help alleviate financial fears and help you plan your financial future.
Holiday Lecture Series for 2013
Wednesday, December 4th – The Stock Market 2014  What will the Market do in 2014? Will we be having a big drop like we did in 2008? What areas will be good investments? Lilly will be sharing her astrological wisdom about the Stock Market for 2014.
Wednesday, December 11th – The US Economy & Housing Market 2014  When will the Economy Rebound? Is the US in for more inflation, depression or stagflation?  When will the housing market improve? Get the skinny on what’s going on in the US Chart for next year.
Wednesday, December 18th – Houston 2014  Lilly discusses the general outlook for Houston in 2014. What does the economic picture look like for us in 2014? How will city services be? Will there be more cuts in the future? Please join Lilly as she charts out Houston’s future for 2014.
All lectures begin at 7:00 pm and finish at 8:30 pm.
Cost: $25 per lecture, or $60 for all three (CD of each lecture available afterwards – $20)
Location: Lilly’s Little School Room
Space is limited so call today for reservations, or other questions: 713-529-5842 or email Lilly at

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